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Created: 01/02/2010
Last Update: 01/02/2010


Zen and the Jujitsu-based martial arts (Judo and Aikido) greatly influences how I approach Predictive Analytics and actually explains why I love it so much. Predictive Analytics is about understanding the dance between countless objects in the world and attempting to blend into their rhythms. I feel like Zen Masters of the past would have such a wonderful time with a Zen art such as Predictive Analytics with which they can hone their skills.

I share these thoughts with fellow Predictive Analytics practitioners because I feel that if you can look at it from this point of view, it will fuel the passion required for such a tough job.

Kodo: Ancient Ways, by Kensho Furuya

Added: 01/02/2011  Last Update: 01/02/2011  Contributed by: Eugene Asahara

The late Kensho Furuya was a rare modern-day samurai. It's one of the few books that captures the true meaning of martial arts.